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Engineering Technology Center

Engineering Technology Center


Polyimide is a heat-resistant polymer material. It was developed during the cold war between United States and the Soviet Union in the 1950sto meet the aerospace requirement of heat, light, high strength.. It was considered as a new generation of high performance polymer material. The increased usage of it by more than 100 ℃ temperature range, was regarded as a landmark achievement in the field of polymer science in the middle of the twentieth century.
Nowadays, polyimide is one of the commercial polymer that resists the highest heat. Its short-term physical performance can be maintained at 550 ℃, which its long-term performance can be maintained to thousands of hours continuously in close to 330 ℃. Among the plastics, it is one of the most valuable types of high temperature-resistance special engineered ones. It is called “the Problem solver.".Without polyimide, there is no high level of integration in the microelectronics industry today. The experts in China’s Train manufacturing industry believe that "without polyimide, there are no Chinese six speed trains". Photoelectric material researchers believe "polyimide is one of the three key materials of the photoelectric devices".

Sunlight Pharma is the largest supplier of diamine monomers in terms of varieties, volumes, and revenues in domestic market.
Sunlight Pharma is also well-known for the production of binary anhydride monomers, single anhydride monomers, and all end capping agent polyimide of monoamine monomers. We have mastered the impurity ions using KNOW - HOW removal technology. Our single impurity ion contents are below 1 PPM, reaching the required level of microelectronic chemicals for electronic level monomers.
From 2006,we have applied for nearly 20 Chinese patents related to polyimide monomer preparation technology, and have received 15 of them for authorization to date.

Production-study-research cooperation

We have been collaborating with Professor You Jinsong at Sichuan University. Professor You’s research team is mainly basedatInstitute of GreenChemistry and Technology at Sichuan University. His . Professor You’s laboratory is well equipped with the complete instruments, such as glove box, HPLC, GC, GC-MS,UV, etc. as well as other preparation and separation equipment. Both Sichuan University Analysis &Test Center and The Center Laboratory of The College of Chemistry have in situ FT-IR,NMR, MSand XRD, etc. This ensures the effective preparation and characterization of the synthesized compounds.

Professor You’s R&D team is mainly committed to the development of new organic synthesis reactions, the new methods, the new strategies, the new development of areas of chemical selectivity and high selectivity, environmentally friendly and atomic economy of synthesis methods of aromatic ring compounds, and to promote the development of green organic synthesis chemistry. This team is recognized as the one committed to the development of "high new selective organic synthesis reactions and the new strategies" by the National Natural Science Foundation of Innovation. The team currently has 4 professors. There are 2 people over 40 years old, 4 people between 35-40 years old, and 3 people between 25-35 years old. Among them, 1 person has been included in the new century excellent talents to support plan, 1 person has obtained the national outstanding youth science fund. Their research fields and backgrounds cover organic chemistry, material chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, and chemical biology. It’s a creative, high leveled and comprehensive team with a total of40 Ph.D. Master students.

Overall aims
We respond to the market demands driven by scientific research and development, in aim of regional economic development. We proceed progressively by the development of high technologies in order to benefit from research, pilot, production, operation, and service.

We track the cutting-edge technology of high-performance polyimide materials and related fields. We develop new technologies, processes, and products through the collaborations with universities and institutes. We strive to lead in the field of polyimide monomer both nationally and internationally. We also strive to build a talent team focusing on research, production, and applied technology to advance the development of polyimide in China, especially in Jiangsu Province.

We have developed some monomers to fill the domestic void. We anticipate to independently and progressively develop intellectual properties and apply for 3 – 5 patents in China. We strive to be in the leading production position of polyimide monomer materials to promote the rapid development in China, not only for replacing the imported ones, but also for exporting them.



R & D Direction

With the development of science and technology, as well as the rapid development in the fields of IT, microelectronics recently, more advanced and updated materials are needed. New varieties, technologies, and processes for polyimide are needed to be developed to meet the new requirements. Polyimide’s main developing trends are as the followings:


(3)Easilyprocessed, highlyflexibleand high heat-resistant polyimide matrix resins
a.Use asymmetric binary anhydrides or diamine monomers
b. Use triple-bond type of alkynyl end capping agents or benzynylend capping agents

(2)Low dielectric constant polyimides
         a. Fluorinated polyimides
         b. Cycloaliphaticpolyimides
         c. Porous polyimides

(1)Soluble polyimides
a.Introduce the fluorine atom into the polyimide structure to synthesizethe fluorinated polyimides
b. Introducebulky groups (steric hinderedgroups or substituents).
c. Introduce polar groups such as hydroxyl, carboxyl, etc.
d. Use cycloaliphaticmonomer, tosynthesizethesemi aromatic or whole cycloaliphaticpolyimides