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About Us

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Customer Manufacturing
Custom raw materials and intermediates :

Sunlight Pharmaceutical has its own raw material production base which ensures on-time delivery of low cost and high quality chemicals to meet our customers’ requirements. Sunlight Pharmaceutical constantly innovates and develops new technologies, such as catalytic hydrogenation, reductive alkylation, chiral preparation, high pressure cryogenic reactions and others, which have aleading position in China.

Production Capabilities
● Manufacture of API, raw materials and intermediates from gram to metric ton scales according to GMP regulations
● Manufacture of raw materials and intermediates and other chemicals from gram to metric ton scales in accordance to ISO9001
● Manufacture of registered GMP starting materials and intermediates
● Manufacture of various classes of customizedcompounds
● Provide competitive price comparable to commodity chemical suppliers
● Ensure short lead time
● Adhere to nvironmentally friendly processes
● Provide an unique facility (high and low temperature and high pressure capabilities)
API custom manufacturing:
With a solid foundation of an innovative process R&D culture, Sunlight Pharmaceutical is able to seamlessly transfer the syntheses from laboratory into production processes. Sunlight has strong production capabilities for long-term supply. Our API production has passed the USFDA inspection.

We provide:
●cGMPkilo lab and pilot plant facilities built in line with European and American standards
● Rapid scale up of existing route with aggressive timeline
●Support for drug candidate selections
●Support for GLP toxicology studies
●Support for clinical studies