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The Pharmaceutical Formulation Production Site

It is locatedin Benniu Biomedical Industrial Park. Its campuscovers an area of over 100,000㎡. The total investment for this siteis over 800 million yuan.The investment has resulted in a R&D/QC building, and a formulation workshop. Our Formulation R&D Laboratory is equipped with advanced instruments, which can fulfill the R&D tasks for both general solid dosage forms and sustained-and-controlled release solid dosage forms. The Oral Solid FormulatonWorkshop is equipped with granulation linkage lines, fully automatic clean air conditioning system, and a purified water preparation system. It can produce tablets, capsules, and granules simultaneously to meet customers’ demands for custom-manufactured products.

 It is located in Benniu Biomedical Industrial Park. Its campus coversan area of 109,000 ㎡,which are designed and constructed in accordance with the national safety standards and GMP requirements. The API Workshop is fully equipped with reactors with volume ranging from 100L to 6000L, temperature ranging from-78°C to 300°C, and the pressure up to 12.5MPa. There aremodern warehouses and waste water treatment facilities on the campus.

The API Production Site


The working environment of Administrative and business department

Sunlight Specialty Chemicals Production Site

Jiangsu Sunlight Pharmaceutical Chemical Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. Its campus covers a total area of over 160,000㎡. It is located in Jiangsu Coastal Industrial Park which is equipped with complete facilities.