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Process Safety and Risk Assessment


Sustainable Development

The environmental protection, work safety and occupational health have become integrated parts of our daily operating activities. We always pursue the sustainable developmentand are committed to take the responsibilities of our society and environment. We are committed to protect our employees’ occupational health and safety, environment and corporate facilities from the harmful impacts.We also actively promote greenproduction to ensure that the company has competitive advantages in long term while leaving a perfect environment for the local community and future generations.

We believe that the company's outstanding performance risk prevention is key to sustainable development. We strive to implement Process Safety Management (PSM) and insist that all commercial production of chemical reaction processes and unit operations are conducted with process hazard analysis (PHA) and the results of the analysis are carried out with risk assessment. We ensure appropriate engineering controls and management analysis are complete before implementation, thus reducing EHS risks.

The intrinsic safety of equipment is the foundation of the protection of employee’s safety and health conditions.  For examples, all vessels are provided with blanketing values to ensure nitrogen protection. Hydrogenation workshops are equipped with standardized control panels. We also precisely control for temperature, pressure, and other emergency shut-down in the hydrogenation process.

Compliance With Regulations and abidance for Responsibilities

Strictly abiding by the laws and regulations related to the national and local standards, we establish and strictly follow the safety, health, and environmental protection programs.

Our businessis based on theethics and codesof conduct which ensures that employees uphold our values.

We always adhere to responsible business operations, environmental commitment, and social responsibility. We continue to meet customers’, employees’, shareholders’, and society’s needs to adhere to the ultimate purpose of promoting health for mankind.

We carefully select suppliers according to "Supplier EHS Guidelines" to ensure that suppliers meet all requirements of EHS regulations and social responsibility.

 Employee Safety and Occupational Health

We care for our employees, providing them with a safe and healthy working environment.

We are in the process of transferring critical devices into closed and automated systems, to effectively reduce human’s exposure to pharmacologically active ingredients.

We have developed and standardized all operating procedures. We provide employees with PPE to meet the requirements of protection based on work hazards to prevent occupational injuries in the production process.

We regularly organize safety and health training which covers raw materials, technology, equipment, operations, and EHS codes of conduct to enhance our employees’ EHS awareness.

Environmental Protection and Green Production

We pay close attention to the environmental protection. We constantly develop and adopt environment-friendly processes, optimize the existing process operation conditions, gradually improve the closed and automation levels of the equipment, and commit to protecting the natural resources and reducing the influences on the environment.

The company has built a set of sewage treatment facilities where process wastewater, sewage, and rainwater from production and other operations is treated and discharged.

We actively carry out green production audits to reduce energy consumption from the source. Chemical reaction heat, material handling, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are the main energy sources of the company, but also our key links to improve energy efficiency. Optimization of the refrigerating media, use of waste heat, use of energy-saving equipment, and adoption of frequency-conversion transformation technology adoption all have had impact on energy saving.

Emergency Response and Crisis Management

We have established crisis management systems to adequately respond to various crisis due to accidents.
We have strictly established a business contingency plan to ensure sustainable supply of our products to meet customer’s demand.
Product Supervision and Product Registration

We also concern about the risk control in the process of R&D and testing. We also conduct systematical evaluation of our products during the research and development, pilot, and technology transfer periods before being put into commercial production. During the development process, we consistently address the issues, such as how to minimize waste and emission levels, and how to use the minimal amounts of toxic substances. After these issues are solved, the developed process can be considered to be introduced into the production.

Management system, auditing and inspection

We have implemented fully integrated EHS management system. We strictly enforce the national and local laws and regulations to ensure company's operation is under compliance of the policies and legal requirements, and fulfillment of customer’s demands.

We are committed to consistently improve our EHS management performance by incorporating everyone’s EHS performance into his/her job performance.

We regularly organize various types of EHS site inspection.. We also develop a detailed corrective action/preventive action plan, and constantly follow up its implementation, to prevent and reduce potential accidents.

Sunlight and Society:

As the company has been developing over the past two decades, we have always followed the mindset "create prosperity for the society andpromote health for mankind".

We are the vanguard in a wide range of charitable activities, including disaster relief, poverty alleviation and educational help for students on their schooling. We have  established Sunlight Pharmaceutical Scholarship Fund in Jiangsu Benniu High School. We have also established “Sunlight Pharmacetical Glory Fund" in Guangcai Program for Benniu’s science, education to help the people in need and support other social welfare, such as the Benniu Hospital Outpatient Building, public road construction and the Nengren Temple. By far, over 10 millionyuan in total has been donated by us.